Product Care


Oiling your bat maintains moisture levels in the willow, not enough oil and your bat will dry out and be more susceptible to cracking. Using a clean cloth, initially apply a small amount of Raw Linseed Oil to the face, edges, toe & blade avoiding the splice & any labels. Apply 3-4 coats allowing time for each coat to dry between applications, approximately 1 day. Re-apply a single coat of oil approximately every 10 weeks.

Before first being played, a bat should be "knocked in". Knocking a bat in compresses the surface wood fibres and allows it to be ready for use, as most brand-new bats will crack or badly dent if used in competition without being knocked-in. This is usually done after purchase, although some are sold ready-knocked. During the knocking-in process, a fingernail is pressed into the front face of the bat to check if the bat is properly knocked in. If an indentation is left on the bat during this process, it shows that the wood is still not fully compressed, and should be knocked in for longer.

Applying a bat face protector such as Extratec or Fibretec also helps to maintain moisture levels along with providing your bat protection without reducing performance. It is highly recommended to apply to all natural bats. Toe protection is another great way to ensure the longevity of your bat. Not only does it help protect the toe of the bat from chips and damage from the pitch but also reduces water damage to the toe of the bat.